How To Start An Online E-Commerce
Business Without Quitting Your Profession!

Who Are We?

We are a group of Professionals from all walks of life running our online business.

Our vision is to empower professionals who are at a stage in their life where they are not enjoying their career and are looking for an alternative.

As there is a lot of work on our part to set someone up successfully in an online business, we are only looking for people who are absolutely serious in starting their business.


About The Speaker

Mr.Yap, a father of 3 lovely daughters, was a top Real Estate Agent in Singapore who sold more than $80 Million in properties in his first year.

Mr. Yap's past achievements:

  • Created a retail chain stores of 12 menswear outlets
  • A real estate trainer with over 2000 students
  • Owns a US$40 Million E-Commerce Business

Mr Yap now travels the world to help inspire and empower entrepreneurs to start their business online.

He Will Be Sharing

  • Discover how online business are moving away from traditional advertising to tribe marketing
  • How to erase selfishness and competitiveness in traditional eCommerce
  • How to build a global eCommerce business with zero overheads (0 inventory, 0 marketing cost, 0 Customer Service)
  • How to Create a global butterfly marketing effect to massive passive income
  • and much more...


Eugene Goh Eugene Goh, Ex Sales Manager for a Swedish MNC for 14 years

I have worked for a Swedish company for 14 years traveling about 40% of my time.  I quit my job due to a company restructuring and failed miserably in my first 2 years in my entrepreneurship journey.  I am grateful to be learning from Mr. Yap and am excited for the possibilities that comes with this platform.

Colin and Kaylene Colin and Kaylene, A Successful Business Couple

We have been exposed to many business platforms and why did we decide on this?  We found it inspiring to discover a business with a focus and conscious intention to help improve people’s lives. Being a business couple, it made sense to help your customers and partners first, then see the money and business will grow.  Making this one of the greatest modern opportunity to "Pay Forward".

Rebecca Ong Rebecca Ong, A Stay-At-Home Mum with 2 kids

I have been a stay-at-home mum for 12 years. Enjoying life with my 2 kids until my hubby decided to quit his job and start his own business. His business was not doing well.  I searched for an online business to work from home and now it is expanding globally.

Janet Wong Janet Wong, A Successful Mother of 3 Kids

I had great results in my insurance business and handed over my business to my son.  I saw that online business is on the upward trend and decided to take it on to create another peak in my life.